Upcoming rehearsals and concerts

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15 OctoberCrusader, Faceless Portrait, The Relations Between Light, Handel Suite
Movements 2 and 4, Bats in the Bedroom
20th October
Rehearsal with WAMO at Rhein-Donau Club
110 North Lake Road Myaree
Mobile: 0490 868 344
22 OctoberGuitars Softly Playing, The Swan, Quartet No. 1
Aquarelo do Japao
23rd October
Guitars Softly Playing by Duncan Gardiner
Faceless Portrait
The Relations Between Light.
Aquarelo do Japao by Simone Lobbia
29 October
All Bindoon music

5 NovemberAll Bindoon music
7th of November
Bindoon concert.
The Road to There

Handel movements 2, 3 and 4

Musica Latin Facil


Elizabethan Serenade

Bat in the Bedroom

Guitars Softly Playing.
12 November

Rehearse with WAMO
19 November
Rehearse all WAMO concert repertoire
21st November
(With WAMO)
Melville Snr High School
Mandolin piece.
½ hour of repertoire including Guitars Softly Playing
26 November, 3 & 10 December
Rehearse Herdsman Lake concert repertoire
12th December
Herdsman Lake Concert