Free Music

Duo Lenz. This website contains lots of free downloads of scores for guitar solo, duo, ensemble, etc. Visit for more information.

Derek Hasted. A resource for players & teachers interested in ensemble and orchestral guitar. Derek has a second site [ click here ] which has about 125 pages if you dig carefully - everything from guitars to UFOs.

Richard Yates. A wealth of high quality music scores for classical guitar, some of which are free.

EYTHORSSON - The Guitar School. Free classical guitar sheet music from Iceland in Adobe Acrobat format. Educational guitar sheet music for guitar teachers and guitar students. ...

Laurindo Almeida Web Site. Laurindo Almeida compositions and arrangements for solo guitar, two guitars, three guitars, guitar ensemble, chamber music and guitar, folios and tutors, voice and guitar and much much more

Online Guitar Music

The how-to-play classical guitar instruction and resource books "The Art of Classical Guitar", "Guitar for Kidz" and Ensemble Music For Guitar are exclusively available in digital form from this website. Single guitar-solo pieces and duets can also be downloaded from the Sheet Music section.

The Araniti Foundation [no-profit association] is the first eBook-publisher of guitar music in the world. All guitar works which are audible in background are available in digital format in our eBook Editions sector.